As a child growing up in Melbourne Australia, I was lucky enough to meet some of the animation greats including Chuck Jones, Frank and Ollie and Bob Mckimson. These amazing artists left a huge impression on me and I decided to follow my dream (with a few long detours along the way) in becoming a feature film Animator. 

My first job in animation was clean up and painting cels at a small studio where I was able to learn some things on-the-job before getting a break into Disney Consumer Products as a Character Artist. I worked there for five years before following the big bubble prior to its burst, New Media. I developed animated websites and games for a local studio, Spin New Media for clients including Coca-Cola, Disney, Touchstone Pictures, Miramax and Microsoft XBOX. 

I then decided to branch out on my own and started working freelance, building my small business to three, then five employees, before teaming up with a previous colleague who became my business partner. The studio quickly grew to 25 people and we developed both original IP for animated TV Series and Video Games as well as worked with major clients including Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, ABC, Microsoft, Nintendo, and many more. 

But that movie animator dream kept nagging at me, and so I decided to see where it would take me. Four and a half years ago my wife and I packed our two dogs and moved to Los Angeles to accept my dream job at DreamWorks Animation. It was the best decision of my life and I have been proud to work as both a 2D and CG Animator on such films including Mr Peabody and Sherman, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Kung Fu Panda 3 and most recently, Boss Baby. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my work, animation or the industry at: