Spending so much time on a computer animating all week I love to get out and photograph. Part of moving overseas and living in a new country and culture is to ensure we get out and see and experience all of it. Photography really helps me to do this. America is a huge and beautiful country with amazing National Parks all around us along with this crazy and diverse city that my wife and I now call home.  I feel like I am constantly surrounded by photographic content and inspiration.

My Dad and Grandpa have always been into photography and their passion really inspired me growing up. Its been a hobby for a long time that has more recently become a small side gig. I photograph with a Leica MP240 and my Grandpa's old Canon film camera. 

Below is a small selection that will rotate and change as I continue to explore and chase the light. Many more photos can be found on my instagram account (link below) and please feel free to contact me for any photographic projects.