Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Me and My Shadow

DreamWorks released the poster today for the upcoming movie, Me and My Shadow which I am working on as a 2D and CG Animator.

The movie is really unique where it mixes CG animation and environments with a 2D animated shadow. Its been so cool seeing 2D pencil tests in dailies at the moment and there are some amazing animators working on the film.

More details can be found out the Me and My Shadow facebook page.


  1. Awesome!! Mike.. Can't wait to see it..

  2. Ever considered joining Facebook? Just wondering.

    Also movie looks great. Make good animation please.

  3. looks nice, looking forward to this one, getting use to the food yet haha

  4. Heard this maybe kind of got cancelled? :(

    I was super looking forward to it. I hope all your hard work ends up seeing release!